Sensitive and timely communications mean the difference between success and failure whenever employees are affected by change and productivity levels need to be maintained, for example when introducing new technology or executing restructuring initiatives, mergers & acquisitions or workforce reduction measures.



Employee engagement is not about paying lip service to an abstract business management concept, it’s an indispensible component of a successful and sustainable business strategy. Without it, companies run the risk of higher employee attrition rates, decreased sales, negative brand image, less customer satisfaction and reduced earnings.



An authentic and trustworthy communications approach that starts from the top and works its way down inevitably creates the framework for a healthy, open and inclusive company culture. Helping managers to become leaders is about giving key players a voice so that they can inspire, motivate and lead the business to success.




Change Expertise:
I bring personal experience of the entire employee lifecycle and the type of situations which require the most sensitive communication

-from hiring (in my role as a recruitment consultant and as a candidate)
-to restructuring (as project lead for several workforce management initiatives and as an impacted employee)
-to insolvency (empathetically dealing with communications for thousands of distraught employees whilst counting myself among the redundant)


Business Acumen & Emotional Intelligence: I understand the business demands of your managers and the emotional needs of your employees. I am able to objectively present compelling arguments on the business rationale for change and know first-hand how it feels to be confronted with life-changing news


Personal Accountability: Creative. Reliable. Authentic. Trusted.

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